Friday, June 8, 2012

Embracing the things I have no control over...

I often use this blog as a way of venting about my single life.  I am embracing it and pretty much okay with being single.  Not ALL days are good ones but most of them are.  Lately I have really embraced the fact that I really have no control over my current relationship status.  All I can do is continue to be open to a relationship happening and eventually it will. 

I think to often we (singles) go on this journey of "finding" someone.  So it is almost like we set off on this journey searching for this person that meets some type of requirements we have set.  I have to honestly say for me it does not work out to well.  I would rather fall into a relationship with someone and it be unexpected.  In my opinion if it happens naturally then it is possible that person is meeting most of your expectations without you having to check off your requirements document. 

I find that I will gravitate to that one individual who is meeting those expectations and eventually not being open enough to allow someone else to enter in.  The transition from friendship to relationship shouldn't be difficult I believe.  If you are someone who peaks my interest enough to keep me focused on you then you just may be the winner in this rat race... LOL

Thanks for reading,
Peace and Blessings

BTW: My birthday is in 4 days!!!  :)

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