Thursday, April 26, 2012

Girls You Shouldn’t Fall For: The One Looking and Hoping for a Boyfriend

This is an interesting article as I could see myself caught up in a situation similar to this...  A good read if nothing else... Enjoy!!!

Girls You Shouldn’t Fall For: The One Looking and Hoping for a Boyfriend

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Non-relationship, relationship

a: a state of affairs existing between those having relations or dealings 
b: a romantic or passionate attachment

Do relationships have to have titles?  And I say relationships because if you interact with a person then you are having relations with that person and therefore are in a relationship.  Okay so back to the subject... How important are titles to you?  How do titles change your relationships with your person of interest? 

In my specific situation right now I am comfortable with having a non-relationship, relationship...  Less stress...  I have agreed to just have fun and go with it.  I live in my place and he lives in his and we come together when we feel like it and when we don't it is okay.  No STRESS!!!  If life leads us to a place where we need to part ways or come a little closer together then we will cross that bridge when we get there... I am not judging anyone else but only specifically can talk about what is going on with me.

So think about this...  A bathtub, candles, and 2 glasses of wine and let your imagination do the rest... LOL

Funny thing is that we find ourselves in places that we never think that we will ever be in and right now I am in a GOOD PLACE...

Peace and Blessings 

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Cruel joke

Sometimes I feel like someone is playing a cruel joke on me. So I have met someone who is like minded in a way and he seems like a match but he is not ready for a relationship. As some of my peers would say "where dey do dat at?". I am a firm believer that people get placed in your life for a reason so I a seeing where the roads will lead but I tell you it at easy.

What I have to constantly realize is people are in different seasons all the time and hardly ever align. I am prayerful one day I will align with the right person at the right time but until then I just enjoying the ride.

Peace and blessings