Tuesday, February 7, 2012

He made chilli....(What if there is a cultural difference?)

Okay so I went out on a couple of dates last week... The man is of Haitian decent...

Background info:
While I didn't grow up in Brooklyn per say, I did spend majority of my summers and breaks from school there as a child and pre-teen.  I remember attending a day camp named Get-Set Day School and I remember going there for Kindergarten.  This school was managed by west indians/haitians.  Now while I don't remember anything traumatizing happening I do remember the teachers being rather direct and some just down right mean.  And during that time they didn't spare the rod as this was a normal practice in school during that time (rulers hitting hands and legs).  At any rate, this has left an everlasting impression on me as I am 35 now and still have vivid memories of that place.

So back to the date(s)...  They were great... 
The first night... we met up at a club and he was attentive and chivalrous, which is always a plus...  He was well groomed and dressed and his cologne was perfect.  Even over all the noise and music we had a decent conversation.

The second night...  We watched 2 redbox movies and he cooked Chilli (pictured below)...  I appreciated this night as it allowed me to really have a conversation with him and see where his head is at.  Remember he is Haitian so there is a slight delay in me translating some of what he is saying but I am able to follow him...  He seems to have it put together..  He is currently serving in the military with plans to get out in September...  He says he is going to school full-time to become a physicians assistant and will not be working the first year of school. (side-eye)  And has plans to work PT the rest of the time in school... Another thing that was revealed is his smoking habit.. Although I have never seen him smoke he did tell me that he does smoke cigerettes sometimes when he drinks. (side-eye,again) But I couldn't tell as there wasn't a hint of the smell in his place or on his attire...  So all was well this night and I went on home feeling pretty darn good with another successful encounter...

The third night...  We met for drinks at a local bar and had a few appetizers and drinks...  Although I do have a great time with this man my gut is telling me to just remain friends with him... 

After thought:
There is a lingering thought that the traditional haitian is gonna rear its head out eventually.  From what I understand haitian men are controlling, possessive, and have a wandering eye with no shame about it...  I do want to give this man his fair chance but seriously have reservations about him....

Peace and Blessings


  1. "Don't do it!!!" (Uncle Joe's voice from Madea)

  2. Go with your instincts. They are very controlling for the most part, but who knows? You might have found one that fell threw the cracks. (doubtful)...but I am a skeptic... :)