Thursday, February 2, 2012

I will never understand....

I will truly never understand why someone just stops communicating without explanation.  I can see why people put up barriers to their hearts because who really wants to put themselves out there just to be let down so rudely.  Then I have to think about KARMA...  Maybe it is just that.  As I have in the past done this...  I have just stopped communicating with someone for various reasons without offering them explanation. 

My second thought is people tend to speak to soon.  They express emotions and/or feelings that they may not truly feel because they haven't had a chance to fully get to know the other person.  Then when something triggers a "side-eye" they just back off without explanation.  I am not cool with this and I am learning for MYSELF to let the other party know exactly why I am making the decision to no longer communicate with them. 

Life teaches us really hard lessons and I can say that this lesson in love doesn't get easier with age.

So since this is a situation I am going through right now I sit here and wonder if I should try to get a reason for the lack of communication or just let it go...  I want to know so that I can learn from it or just see what was the trigger that turned him off...  Not that I would change anything about me unless it is something that I can grow from but just to have peace of mind... 

Well that's about all I have to say about that...

Peace and Blessings


  1. Confront him and get your answer. If it turns out to be that he was just not into you, then alrighty then, you'll live.(...more fish in the sea) If he still refuses to to give an explanation, then oh well,...later...; he wasn't worth your time anyway!

  2. Leave it alone and keep it movin'. If they will come to you when they are ready.

  3. You Deserve Better... And hate to say it, cause it doesn't feel good, but if he was "that" into you, he would call. There must be something in the water, cause the same thing happened to me! But one of my friends reminded me that my husband (although I haven't met him yet) will have No problem calling me every day, 4 or 5 times even, just because. So, Why waste my time calling someone who's Not for me, to ask "why" he wasn't man enough to call...

  4. From a male perspective, I would say the reason ole boy stop communicating or lack there of, has nothing to do with you. It's his priorities. We all set them whether we know it or not. And to him you are not one of his or he would call. There's no complex reason and there's no need to over think things. If he wanted to call he would. We can't make people do what they don't want. So don't even ponder why he stop calling. Life is too short. Just keep it moving and be glad it didn't get too serious. It's his lost and a better man's gain.