Tuesday, January 17, 2012

How much information do you share?

We are in the times where social media is very relevant in our everyday lives.  When meeting new people how much contact information do you give?  I have found myself in a place where I want to share somethings and keep somethings to myself.  I want to feel comfortable first before I let someone into certain parts of my life. (Facebook being one of them) 

I don't have anything to hide really but I do feel like Facebook gives a prospect access to my family and my friends that I may not want them to have access to yet.  Nor do I want to be blinded by obsessive searches through a persons photos to see if I can find anything that is not right... At least not at first... LOL...  I do feel a little like social media can be a distraction when trying to date.  You are almost dissected by every thing you say and/or do... 

In a past relationship my significant other asked me to unfriend every man that I dated or had a encounter with.  Was this a valid request.  I mean the fact that it didn't work out for me and the person as a couple doesn't mean that we can not still be cordial...  Is this wrong of me to think that way? 

I think once you get to a certain level of commitment then I can open up myself to sharing more of my life.  I think that is fair. 

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  1. keep being yourself; you're doing the right thing.