Friday, November 4, 2011

Don't send that text.... Pick up the phone...

Today I read a blog article on the Harvard Business Review website titled "Don't Send That Email. Pick up the Phone!" and while the article was geared towards business I really feel like this applies in relationship building.  Whether it be a relationship you are trying to have with the opposite sex or relationships with family and/or friends.   Technology has made it very easy to get away from actual live human interaction. 

In a previous relationship I had with a man 90% of our conversations happened via text or bbm messages.  After a while, I really grew tired of this method of communication being the primary way.  Not only because once my feelings grew I wanted to actually have live conversations but also because miscommunication happened frequently.  I can remember quite a few times where the wrong tone was picked up or the lack of response to certain messages lead to the belief that someone was upset.  After a while I really felt like I had a relationship with my blackberry instead of a man.  LOL became and acknowledgement instead of me actually laughing out loud. 

That in itself lead me to be aware of my live interactions with men that I am interested in or who are interested in me.  I know that I can get caught up in my own little life and realize how easy it is to just pick up the phone and send a text but I am going to choose to make a better effort to call and chat more frequently.  Something to think about....

Peace and Blessings

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