Friday, October 7, 2011

Words with Friends...

I was talking to a girlfriend recently and I was telling her about some of the things I had been going through in my last relationship.  Her advise to me was to take a break from relationships and "do me" for a while.  I have a hard time with this advise because most of the last 2 years I really have been "doing me"... 

See being in a long distance relationship gave me the time to be by myself a lot.  I mean I was attached to my previous significant other emotionally to a certain point because I respected him and the relationship.  The fact of the matter however is that I was physically alone.  We didn't have date nights, watch movies, or be lazy on the couch.  We had to strategically plan our time around my children and his work schedule.  It was very difficult at times because the relationship is really not the priority.  So about every 2 to 3 months we would meet up for some time and that was even limited. 

So not saying that her advise wasn't wise but it was not for me.  I don't truly think anyone fully understands what I am thinking or feeling because they haven't walked in my shoes but I desire a companion that is in the same geographical area that I'm in. 

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