Wednesday, October 26, 2011

One Man.... Two Women

Women:  If your significant other one day asked you to be in a relationship with him AND another woman would you consider it?  Is it possible for you to be open enough in your relationship to have another woman be a part of it.  Just an interesting topic that I shared recently with a friend.  If your man was loving towards you and not lacking in any way would you consider it to keep him happy? 

I can't really say that I have a solid opinion about this question.  I mean my morals and values may be significantly different from the people who engage in this practice.  I think however that if it makes ALL 3 happy then so be it...  If a man thinks that he has enough love and affection to give to 2 women and they both agree then go for it.  I know this may not be totally in-line with what I would practice in my relationship life but who am I to judge someone's actions.  I know I fall short from grace at times so I need to concentrate on what is going to make my relationship status different. 

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