Friday, October 14, 2011

Do opposites really attract?

I am pretty sure that everyone has heard the saying "Opposites Attract".  I am not so sure that this is a valid statement.  I am just thinking about some interactions that I have had with me who did not share the same interest as me and vice versa. 

Now I am not unreasonable.  I know that two people are not going to have everything in common but if more thing are uncommon than common someone needs to address it and probably walk away.  Trust me you will find yourself doing the things that you enjoy the most by yourself.  For example, I am a social butterfly and I enjoy doing things that allows me to be social with other people and meet other people.  I am very comfortable with meeting people that I don't know.  If I get with someone who is not social and would rather be at home and doesn't like crowds then I will find myself going to a lot of places alone because even going to a movie there are crowds and such... 

This is just a random thought that I have been having lately while meeting new people recently.

Peace and Blessings

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