Thursday, January 7, 2010

A Single Woman's take on Long Distance Relationships

So I have been on a few online dating websites previously and met some interesting men who do not live near me. I have connected with a couple and recently one in particular. So in effort of trying something out of the box I decided a few months ago to pursue a casual relationship with a man out of state. Man, it was great to connect with someone who I really could connect with and had a lot of the same interest. We decided that we would see each other at least once a month and we met in a central location. In the beginning it worked out well but the more I got to know him the more I wanted to see him..... The situation became so frustrating because after a long days work, I would want to come home and be able to ask him to come visit or whatever...

For a while we would get on the webcam and see each other and play some "adult games"....LOL I guess after a while the web chat got old because we stopped chatting online and mainly text or Blackberry messenger. Again I was frustrated with the situation as I would have liked it to grow into something but just couldn't find a way to get pass the distance. So eventually I made the decision to let that go. The sad part is that we were great friends prior to pursue a relationship and now everything is awkward...

So my take on long distance relationships is that they do not work. At least not without a solid foundation... What are your thoughts?

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  1. I need me one of these so I can vent too. lol Tiffany