Thursday, January 21, 2010

A Single Woman's take on confidence...

I have run into a lot of men in my short adult life and I know for sure that I am attracted to a confident man. When I say confident, I mean a man that knows what he wants and has no problem being a man. I don't want a man that is going to be intimidated by my personality and who is able to hold a solid conversation with me.

I have met men that tell me they can only be truthful and open with me when they are drunk or via text because there is something about being in front of me that intimidates them. Such a turn off... To me these men can not handle the truth themselves. I am a pretty blunt person so I say what I feel... Tactfully of course... Yet these men still want to date me... What in the world is that about?

I know that I am not all that nor do I pretend to be but come on there has got to be something better out there than that... I think confidence is the least that I could ask for from a man. What are your thoughts??? If any...

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