Friday, January 3, 2014

What I deserve more of in 2014...

Pondering over my 2014 goals I've decided to share with you the things I deserve more of in 2014.

  1. Weekend get-a-ways with and without the lil diva's...  I do enjoy a couple of days to get away from the noise and even when I take my daughters with me they are old enough now to do their own thing for the most part so weekend trips with them are usually peaceful as long as they have their own space.
  2. Long French Kisses on a Saturday afternoon.  So YES I have been SINGLE but I also have been DATING, which means I have shared a few great kisses...  Oh to have that cloud 9 feeling again...  Have you every been kissed so damn good that you nearly pass out from feeling light headed.... Yup I deserve more of that in 2014.
  3. Happiness.  I must say 2012 and 2013 had bad points but for the most part I was very HAPPY...  Happy with myself and all the things that I achieved.  I hope to continue that path.
  4. Music.  I deserve to enjoy more music by way of concerts and live bands.  I am a music lover to the core.  
  5. Progress towards that bikini body.  I will continue my workout regimen in hopes to find that beautiful bikini body I once had again.... 
  6. Experience love with no BOUNDARIES...  If I say it loud enough it will manifest itself.
What are some of the things you deserve more of in 2014?  Let me know in the comments section

Peace and Blessings

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