Friday, January 10, 2014

Taking ownership....

Good day all...

How in 2014 presenting itself for you?  So far, so good I hope...

I was reminded yesterday that I have to take ownership of my role in my friendships/relationships/acquaintances...  I was having a phone conversation with a man who made the statement "you must have a man now because I don't hear from you unless I call you"...  I guess I went into defense mode because I immediately began to verbalize all the reason why I didn't call based on what I thought HE wanted....  The truth of the matter was I changed.  I no longer desired his company because we were headed down two completely different roads in life.  Once I realized what I was doing I apologized to him for that and explain to him MY reasons for cutting ties with him.  He appreciated that and my honesty of course.

My opinion is that we rarely see our role in why relationships end or change pace.  It will be my goal to now take ownership for my actions and/or reactions to situations with my friends and acquaintances...  I will try hard to not put all the blame on the other party.  I think it is human nature to do so but I am going to break this cycle in MY life.  Take heed....  LOL

Peace and Blessings,


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