Monday, July 2, 2012

Is love overrated???

Is love overrated? I mean it feels good but hurts like hell. Is the good feeling worth the pain? One minute your laughing and cuddling and the next your crying and hurting. Is love overrated?


  1. I was just having this conversation. I don't think so. You are absolutely right when it comes to the ups and downs (sad to say). Most of us are searching for it but won't find love because we are desperately seeking it. Its out there, Im sure it won't be perfect but we all will find love in some form. I for one refuse to settle for less than i deserve again.

  2. I think the expectations people put on love are overrated... I think people should not settle but definitely let love happen naturally...

  3. Y love? If it hurts as much as it feels gd then why would anyone want to love?