Friday, March 16, 2012

Dealing with the EGO!!!

Before my recent move to my new home, I had signed up for Oprah's life class and was able to get a free journal. Well in the transition of the move I never received the journal and I didn't watch the life class episodes. Yesterday however I received in my P.O. Box the journal, pictured below.

So today I decided to go online and watch the life class online.  I actually only found the web cast of the show which was a portion they did after each episode.  The very first episode is about EGO.  Oprah had a guest on by the name of Rita and I had to share what Rita said:

      "I don't any longer think it is possible that other people can hurt me.  They're just giving me their observation. and I'm giving it meaning, and so I get to choose what that meaning is..."

WOW!!!  I can truly say that for me Rita's words are profound.  If you understand them the way I do then you know that you have to be HAPPY WITH YOURSELF and no one else can validate you because you already have EVERYTHING you need that is important.  We as people put value on things, people, places, and actions.  Take the single woman's chronicle blog for example...  I am almost allowing the need to be in a relationship become who I am and drown out my inner knowing.  But it was made simple to me in this web cast that "BEING HERE IS THE ONLY VALUE THAT IS REAL AND IMPORTANT". 

I have a better awareness now and I am so thankful for self development and awareness.

If you want to check out the web cast click below:

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