Tuesday, December 13, 2011


I recently completed the course "Applying Psychology" where we discussed a lot about perceptions.  That has been a lingering subject in my mind lately and I just wanted to talk about it as a single woman.  You see people perceive that because I am single I am unhappy... Well contrary to popular belief, I am rather the opposite.  I occupy my time with things that I enjoy the most...  I spend time with my daughters which brings me the most joy.  Little do they know that while I am nurturing them they are doing the same for me. 

I date... Yes I said it... I date...  LOL  I go out on dates with men who share the same interest as I do...  I just work at a snails pace when it comes to relationships now-a-days...  It is my preference. 

Another perception that I get especially from men is that I need to be "saved" from this state of being single... LOL  I think it is funny because that is a number one turn off for me.  While I want a man in my life who is a provider, the only man in my life that has been my savior, died on the cross 2011 years ago. 

I just enjoy writing about my random thoughts while being 35 and single.  I wish I could write more about my dating experiences but I just keep them to myself to protect the innocent.  I hope everyone is gearing up for the Christmas/New Year holidays.  I hope to be going to Brooklyn to visit family during this time.

Peace and Blessings to you...

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