Saturday, December 3, 2011

I Cried This Morning...

This morning I woke up and while in prayer I cried...  I cried because I couldn't help but think about how alone I feel.  Maybe my estrogen levels are at a higher rate than normal today but I really sat on the side of my bed and sobbed like a baby.  The thought was consuming. The human (flesh) side of me wants a relationship... A HAPPY RELATIONSHIP... 

Now don't get me wrong I am thankful for my children, family, and friends.  I am thankful for the unconditional love that God has for me therefore I am never truly alone.  But as I look around and do some soul searching I never thought that at 35 years old I wouldn't be happily in love.  Then I access some of the relationships and friendships I have let go because of my selfish and uncaring attitude.  I try to never point the finger at the men but I try to realize what part I played in my relationship fiasco.

In some ways I wish I could have the opportunity to get away and really take a in-depth assessment of my life priorities.  Maybe that is something I can do for 2012....

Peace and blessings...


  1. LetGod bring you somebody made for you

  2. Tears bring clarity and renewal. Be patient. Your love is on his way.

    A little over a year ago I did a weekend at the beach in Delaware. It was the dead of winter so prices were cheap. I stayed at the Delaware Inn, a bed and breakfast that was very homey, made an awesome breakfast with so much food I had to skip lunch, made warm chocolate chip cookies at night, and there was plenty of quiet for me to think. If you can do that, I would highly recommend it. Just a thought...

  3. you don't cry alone.

  4. i almost didnt respond to this cause I didn't want to male bash, but F it. Sometimes you have to point the finger at the men. I mean dang, its hard to find men nowadays with the basics (own place, job, car). If they have all that, they are not available physically or mentally for one reason or another. We all have our issues, but dont be a welcome mat, and dont blame yourself, you are strong, and deserve someone who can match you, not someone you have to taper down for. And besides, once you are in a relationship, you'll be wishing you were single again. haha.