Wednesday, June 9, 2010

A single womans take on "The One"....

This weekend I spent some time with two wonderful ladies. We spent majority of the evening drinking wine, eating, and talking about men and relationships. One thing that was discovered during our talk or what we came up with was that when you find the right mate it is easy... There is no judgements. That person loves you for being just the person you are.

It is so easy to love a person that is not going to judge you and have you taking a second look at yourself when you are around them. Situations and time spent with that person just flow. You laugh and smile and just have that warm feeling on the inside. It doesn't matter how much time or space that you have in between each other, there will be a connection.

But what we also realized is that we have to stop looking for the person that we think is right for ourselves. I mean I had a list of things that I wanted in a man... Tall, Bald, Athletic, Outgoing, etc... But those are the things that I wanted and when I found that type of man they were surely lacking internally. Mostly lacking in commitment. Another thing that I realized is that I have to look inside myself and see what about me that attracts the men who do not want to commit or who are unavailable... Still soul searching on that one...

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