Friday, June 18, 2010

A single woman ask "What if he or she doesn't reciprocate?"

So as most of you already know if you follow my blog, I messed up my relationship... Well we have been communicating lately and I feel so good about it... There is really no guarantee on reconciliation but shoot it is a start. Well today I was thinking about what happens when you tell a person how you are truly feeling and they do not reciprocate. What I mean is that they don't return the gestures...

I find myself telling him that "I miss him" and "I love him" because those are the feelings that I have and I want him to know it. I don't do it expecting him to return the favor but I do wonder if his feelings have changed because he doesn't say anything back. Now my guess is that he doesn't want to give me any false hope of a possible make up. But that is just my thoughts. The thing that he makes clear to me is that he is not making any sudden decisions and will not rush back into a relationship with me. This surely leaves a shady area of grey because he may just be considering NOT reconciling... Which would totally suck...

Anyway... I just got a lot of things on my mind in regards to this situation and I don't know exactly what to do... Guess this is the test that I have to go through.

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