Tuesday, December 3, 2013

No Condom - No Cookie

Situation: A man text a woman and asked her if they could have sex tonight.  The woman responds and says yes and lets the man know that he needs to wear a condom.  If no condom then no sex.  The woman never hears from the man again....

Okay this is a real topic...  Maybe too real for some people but whatever.  It's not that I don't care about you because I do, hence the topic at hand.  I am 37 and single.  In my lifetime I have been propositioned by several men to have a sexual encounter.  What surprises me is the number of men who get disgruntle by the request to wear a condom.  It is not like STD's have magically disappeared.  Matter of fact according to the CDC, data shows higher rates of reported STDs among some racial or ethnic minority groups when compared with rates among whites.   

It appears that majority of the men and women only think about not getting a woman pregnant.  Well what about getting an STD or HIV? There is no comfort level for me when it comes to unprotected sex.  Even in the best situations I have seen husbands giving their wives an STD.  Sad but true.  So if you take a deaf ear to my request to put on a condom then you gets none of this cookie...  Do your research...

Just Saying...

Peace and Blessing

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  1. I think the question I have is why not you both get tested together and agree to be in a monogamous relationship until someone decides to move on? Unless birth control is an issue as well as a std? If y'all can't take the time to get tested together then maybe casual sex with a condom is not the answer. So many things can go wrong, condom breaking, herpes, crabs, etc. Love the blog, just my thoughts.