Thursday, March 25, 2010

My weight loss journey vlog... I got so much going on... LOL

So since I have not been on FB for the last 40 days because of lent, I have been taken up new things... Well my next big thing for 2010 is to get my weight under control. Now I don't think I have to bad of a figure but I sure needs a lot of work. I have never been a real small woman but I have always had a toned shape until I hit 30... What in the world happens in your 30's? LOL In effort to make myself more accountable I started a youtube vlog about my journey. Feel free to follow me if you wish. Below is the first video. Excuse everything that is going on in my hallway... LOL AND my oldest child in the background making noises. SO HAPPY BEING ME... BTW... I have tried... The South Beach diet, Hip Hop Abs, The 4 Day Diet, and now Insanity... I don't eat to much but I don't eat like I am suppose to... I always eat breakfast and lunch but most nights NO dinner.... Any suggestions on a new plan would be great...

See 1st video below:

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