Friday, September 28, 2012

Always on guard...

I was talking to one of my male BFF's about a situation I have been in and he told me that I am always on guard... I am sure this is a true statement but how do I not be that way...  How do we not let the past render it's head and take affect on our behaviors when it comes to new relationships?

My friend followed-up by saying it was going to take time for me to let my guard down because of a few dudes that have let me down or disappointed me in the recent past. I don't think I am bitter but I do know that  I have a very hard time trusting dudes now a days.  I AM SCARED TO BE HURT AGAIN!!!  It really is that simple...

Letting down my gaurd again at this point in my life is not an option for me.  I refuse to be a victim of someone else's lies and deceit...

Such is life

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