Thursday, August 4, 2011

Am I getting in my own way?

Long time no see... LOL...  Anyway recently I was asked out on a dinner date from someone that I have known for a while.  He asked me out via text on a Tuesday and I responded, after much thought, on a Thursday and agreed to go out.  When he responded he said "Wow! What a late response. Lol!" and I didn't respond to that.  So a few days later he sends yet another text and ask "Where you chillin at tonight?  Trying to figure out where I'm going.  Would be nice to run into you.".  I was in the house for the evening and advised him of that. 

At this point he hadn't even scheduled the dinner date so finally he asked *ME* when is dinner happening and I respond with you tell me.  So in my mind I think... HERE WE GO AGAIN...  I mean if a man ask a woman out on a date, shouldn't he have some idea of what he wants to do, when he wants to go, etc... I know I have children and you may be taking them into consideration but I have already told you that I am flexible...

So I suggest to go to a festival on Saturday to chill and listen to live music and you tell me that you are not "feeling" that... REALLY!!!  I will not let this one situation guide my feelings towards dating again but dang-it this is the second time this has happened to me... 

Dating is like finding a needle in a hay stack...

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