Wednesday, July 14, 2010

A Single Woman's Relationship with Herself

What I have learned over the 30 something years of my life is that I have to be able to have an healthy relationship with myself. What I have found in being in the relationships that I have been in is that I sometimes lose myself. My focus usually shifts to the man and the relationship. So recently I have had the opportunity to learn how to love myself completely. I have also learned to not rely on anyone else to make me happy. It is up to me totally... I feel that if I rely on others for my happiness I will be disappointed every time. I believe however that if I go into a relationship loving myself, the relationship will be that much better... You have so much to offer... Just some random thoughts... Be Blessed....

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Little girl gives herself a pep talk

A relationship with myself... I wanna be more like this little lady... And everyday give myself a pep talk in the mirror... It would make the day go by so much better!!!

Check out this great MSN Video: Little girl gives herself a pep talk

What a wonderful thing.

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